It was a pleasure to create my site as a Tour Planner with Virtual Genie! Liesbeth was really very professional, punctual and able to find a solution to all my requests. I recommend to all those who intend to create their own site to rely on her if you want to get an excellent result with fast delivery time!

Alessio Mazza
Sandrine Kom

It is a pleasure to work with Liesbeth! She is professional, creative and always manages to find solutions!

Sandrine Kom

Liesbeth has designed a beautiful website for our small-scale luxury holiday accommodation in Piedmont. We had quite a few requirements, we go for quality, but nothing was too much for Liesbeth. She is flexible, fast, and always thinking with you. A pleasant collaboration with a great end result! Our guests also say so.

Marisca Lanni & Philip Lottgering
Cecilia Gazzo – Unusual Italy

I have used Liesbeth’s services on our new website design for Unusual Italy Personalized Itineraries and Services and I must say it has been a real pleasure. First of all, we needed to refresh the site’s look to a more contemporary yet easy way to navigate. Liesbeth was instrumental at helping rationalize the sections and assisted us on how to convey what we have to offer in a more contemporary light using exciting wordings. She has offered her point of view often with simple and logical pain free solutions and we are very happy of the end results. The photographic work mostly ours also was placed in a very creative and artistic way and we are very satisfied. I highly recommend working with Liesbeth.

Cecilia Gazzo

I needed to change my web host and had not been looking forward to it. Then I found Liesbeth and that changed everything. She made it painless and seamless. She is patient and very professional. I recommend her highly and give her 5 stars.

Sally Carrocino

Working with Liesbeth on creating a new website for my Italian Villa was easier than I imagined. She is so professional and timely. We collaborated seamlessly together creating a beautiful site that shows off the property. We did everything virtually since I live in the US and she made it painless for me.

Susan Crakow

Liesbeth is an attentive and punctilious professional. An assistant who helps you solve problems with practical and immediate solutions in times of need. For four years now Liesbeth has been the reference point for our company for Dutch translation and copywriting work, fundamental for the tourism market.

Lauro Lotti

I have worked with Liesbeth on various extremely successful websites and she has always taught me new and exciting ways to do things on the web. She is methodical and does her best always. When I need help she is my “GO TO” person.

Lynn Dougherty

I rely on Liesbeth to help me with a lot of different tasks that I just don’t have the time for. She is very resourceful and always comes up with creative solutions and presents me with new ideas.

Alessandro Mastronardi

I approached Liesbeth to assist me with the website for my VA Business. She gave me a thorough view of what we could do to improve the layout, function and overall feel of the site. She provided me with insightful and practical suggestions to help me maximise its potential. I am grateful to her for helping me see my website through the visitors eyes.

Sarah Crowner
Virtual Assistant | UK