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Are you an entrepreneur who believes you have to do everything yourself?

You might be afflicted with the Superhero Syndrome and it’s not a good thing for your business or for you.

Superhero Syndrome is a prevalent condition wherein entrepreneurs and small business owners believe that they can handle everything on their own without having to delegate or outsource work.

So not only are you a business owner but also a web designer, social media manager, blogger, salesperson, accountant, consultant, etc., etc., etc.
Wearing so many different hats is exhausting and time-consuming. Just think of all the hours you waste doing research, figuring things out and solving problems. Precious time that you should be investing in the growth of your business instead.

Most likely you ended up on my website because you recognize yourself in the above description. You realize that you can’t do it all by yourself and you are looking for a reliable Virtual Assistant to lend a hand.

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a highly-skilled, self-employed professional who provides business support services from a remote location.

A Virtual Assistant can have a wide range of skills depending on work experience, education and personal interest. The main services I offer are Web Design, Website Management, WordPress Services, Social Media and Online Marketing.

Save time
There are only 24 hours in a day and balancing your work and home life can be challenging. By delegating work to me, you gain hours back in your day, every day. Precious time that you can invest in your business, or use to relax or spend with your loved ones.

Save money
Hiring an employee is a cost that most entrepreneurs and small business owners cannot sustain. Hiring a freelancer like myself, however, has many financial benefits. You only pay me for the hours I work for you. You don’t have to provide me with a desk, computer, office supplies or free coffee. Plus, you don’t have to pay my social security, pension, vacation leave or sick leave.

Get more done
Two can do more than one. By moving the tasks that you don’t want to be doing and that you shouldn’t be doing from your to-do-list to mine, you can fully dedicate yourself to the work that only you can do.

Reduce stress
Less daily jobs mean fewer worries and less stress. With a reliable assistant by your side who takes care of time-consuming and repetitive tasks, you will come to work more energized and relaxed.

Like a genie in a lamp, I only appear when you need me. My working hours are flexible, as are my rates. You can hire me for odd jobs by the hour, for projects with a fixed price, or on a retainer. You decide the tasks you want to outsource to me and how many hours you want to hire me.

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During our first consult we’ll chat about your work, and pinpoint the areas and tasks that you could use a helping hand with.
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