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Grow your business

with a website that attracts, captivates and delivers.

Website Design

Your website forms the center of your business communication with the outside world. Make an impression that lasts with your customers and with Google.

Maintenance & Support

The work on a website is never done.
Keep your site secure, healthy and always updated with the latest technology. Maintenance and support for DIY website builders.

Virtual Assistance

As your business grows so will your daily tasks. Don’t get overwhelmed but delegate time-consuming chores and have more time to invest in your core business.


As a Web Designer and Virtual Assistant, I can help you build a strong online presence with a beautiful website that attracts your ideal client, captures the attention and closes the deal.
Liesbeth – Virtual Genie

Happy clients

"I needed to change my web host and had not been looking forward to it. Then I found Liesbeth and that changed everything. She made it painless and seamless. She is patient and very professional. I recommend her highly and give her 5 stars."

Sally Carrocino
Espresso to Prosecco | Italy

"Working with Liesbeth on creating a new website for my Italian Villa was easier than I imagined. She is so professional and timely. We collaborated seamlessly together creating a beautiful site that shows off the property. We did everything virtually since I live in the US and she made it painless for me.”

Susan Crakow
Podere Vigliano | USA

"I have worked with Liesbeth on various extremely successful websites and she has always taught me new and exciting ways to do things on the web. When I need help she is my "GO TO" person.”


Lynn Dougherty
Classic Movie Favorites | California

"I rely on Liesbeth to help me with a lot of different tasks that I just don't have the time for. She is very resourceful and always comes up with creative solutions and presents me with new ideas.”


Alessandro Mastronardi
Wildlife Artist | Italy

Why work with me

  • Over 10 years of experience in web design and management.
  • Professional web design.
  • Support for DIY website builders.
  • You only pay for the hours you need and services rendered.
  • Part-time website support for short or long term.
  • Flexibility in availability and rates.
  • Like a genie, I magically appear when needed.

Get in touch

Let's have virtual coffee together and talk about your business.

During our first consult, we’ll chat about what you want for your business, and how your web presence can be improved.
This discovery call is free of charge and comes with no strings attached.